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Teeth Whitening

Have you ever wondered what all the talk about teeth whitening or bleaching is all about? Teeth whitening can take years off the life of your teeth. It can remove tea, coffee, wine, and smoking stains. I think teeth whitening is explained best by the analogy of a deep scrubbing of the teeth. Our teeth have little holes in them and over time these holes fill in with plaque, stains and other debris. The whitening gel cleans out these holes and make the teeth look white and clean.

A couple tips to help make the most of your teeth whitening: first, make sure you have had your cleaning. This by itself will whiten your teeth and make the whitening gels work even better. The standard cleaning or “prophy” will get most of the bigger debris off the teeth which allows the gel to work harder on the stubborn stains. Also, having a dental exam will ensure none of your dark or brown spots are small cavities that should be fixed before teeth whitening takes place. Try to avoid wines, juices, coffee, and smoking to help your new white teeth last as long as possible.


There are two methods Dr Ryan Bushman will oversee your teeth whitening. First and most common is the “take home method.” In this method we make custom fit whitening trays. You wear these trays for approximately 30 minutes a day for two weeks. I recommend brushing your teeth before and after you whiten. After two weeks of whitening you should notice a whiter smile. You can continue to whiten your teeth if you like but sensitivity to cold, air, and heat may occur. If you experience sensitivity you can place Sensodyne or Colgate Sensitive toothpaste in the trays and wear them for 15-30 minutes. This is a great affordable way to whiten your smile and if you are a new patient to Spokane Family Dental we will make them free for you!


ZOOM Teeth Whitening Spokane WA The second method is our in-office whitening procedure. This method will generally take approximately 60-90 minutes to complete. When you come in we will polish your teeth and isolate your gums from the gel. We then apply the gel to the teeth where it rests for about 15-20 minutes. We rinse off the gel and reapply doing this 3-4 times. Sometimes a laser or light is used to help make the gel more efficient. This procedure has been known as Zoom whitening or Brite Smile.


If you have been thinking about making your smile whiter and even younger, call us today at 509.924.0381 and get your FREE take home whitening trays. Once you get your cleaning and exam we will make your custom fit trays and go over the process of whitening your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Spokane Valley, WA