In-House Custom Retainers & Night Guards

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In-House Custom Retainers & Night Guards

In the picturesque landscape of Spokane Valley, WA, Spokane Family Dental stands as a pillar of excellence in dental care and solutions. Understanding the diverse needs of our community, we proudly introduce our In-House Custom Retainers and night Guards service, ensuring that protection, prevention, and precision are within everyone’s reach.

In-House Custom Retainers:

After orthodontic treatments, retainers play a pivotal role in maintaining the new position of your teeth. Our in-house custom retainers are:

  1. Tailored for You: Crafted on-site to match the unique structure of your mouth for optimal fit and comfort.
  2. Durable: Made with high-quality materials ensuring long-lasting wear.
  3. Aesthetic: Clear and discreet, our retainers ensure that your radiant smile stands out, not your retainer.

In-House Custom Night Guards:

For those experiencing bruxism (teeth grinding) or TMJ disorders, our night guards offer:

  1. Protection: Safeguard your teeth from wear, potential chipping, and enamel erosion caused by grinding or clenching.
  2. Comfort: Each night guard is customized to the contours of your teeth, ensuring a snug fit.
  3. Relief: By preventing the undue pressure on your jaw, our night guards can alleviate jaw pain and headaches associated with bruxism.

Why Choose Spokane Family Dental?

  • Expert Craftsmanship: Our team is proficient in creating dental appliances. With our in-house services, you’re guaranteed precision and quality.

  • Quick Turnaround: Being an in-house service means quicker delivery times. There are no long waits for external labs; you can get your retainers or night guards in a streamlined timeframe.

  • Personalized Care: We consider the uniqueness of each patient. Our solutions are tailored to fit your teeth and your lifestyle and preferences.

  • Community-Centric Approach: Servicing Spokane Valley, WA, and its surrounding areas, we’re deeply connected to our community. We’re not just about dental care but about fostering long-lasting relationships built on trust.

Whether you’re looking to maintain that newly straightened smile or seeking relief from nightly teeth grinding, Spokane Family Dental has you covered with our top-of-the-line, in-house custom retainers and night guards. Located in the heart of Spokane Valley, WA, let us be your partners in preserving your beautiful smile and ensuring peaceful nights. You can call our office today to schedule your consultation and ask about these services.

In-House Custom Retainers & Night Guards Spokane Valley, WA