Digital Cavity Detection

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Digital Cavity Detection

At Spokane Family Dental, we are dedicated to providing our patients with cutting-edge dental care, ensuring early detection, prevention, and effective treatment of various dental concerns. Among our advanced services, the Digital Cavity Detection system stands out as a testament to our commitment to integrating technology to benefit our patients.

What is Digital Cavity Detection?

Digital Cavity Detection is an advanced diagnostic tool that uses digital technology to spot cavities and tooth decay in their earliest stages. Unlike traditional methods, which may sometimes miss tiny holes or those forming below the tooth’s surface, this system offers unparalleled accuracy.

Key Benefits of Digital Cavity Detection at Spokane Family Dental:

  • Early Detection: The earlier a cavity is detected, the simpler and less invasive the treatment. We can preserve more of the natural tooth structure by catching cavities in their initial stages.
  • Increased Accuracy: Digital Cavity Detection minimizes the chances of false negatives. The precision of this technology ensures that cavities, no matter how small, are identified.
  • Less Radiation: While traditional X-rays are already safe with minimal radiation, our digital system emits even less radiation, ensuring the utmost safety for our patients.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Gone are the days of waiting for X-ray films to develop. With Digital Cavity Detection, the results are immediate, allowing for swift diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Eco-Friendly: The digital method is environmentally friendly as there’s no need for film or chemical processing.

How Does It Work?

The Digital Cavity Detection system employs a small, pen-like wand gently scanned over the teeth. As it scans, it sends safe, near-infrared light into the tooth. The light reflects, and using advanced software, the system can identify changes in tooth density and structure, indicating early stages of cavity formation.

Spokane Family Dental always strives for the best in dental care, and our Digital Cavity Detection service reflects that commitment. Our focus on early and accurate detection makes our patients feel confident in their dental health and our proactive approach to their care.

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